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Construction Contract Negotiation

Efficient and effective negotiation of construction contracts requires a precise knowledge of the matter and keen understanding of the law, both of which PS Consulting has mastered.

Contracts & Claims Management

PS Consulting advises on and manages claims strategy and claims negotiation. As such they investigate key issues, undertake preparation and development of claims, assist in negotiations and more.

Dispute Boards

Our partners are experienced practitioners in the resolution of disputes as Dispute Board members.

Mediation & Conciliation

PS Consulting partners often act as mediator between two parties. Based on decades of experience they attempt to reach a compromise that allows both parties to move forward with a satisfactory outcome.

Arbitration & Litigation

PS Consulting strives to resolve disputes through non-conflictual alternative dispute resolution (ADR). However, if it comes to arbitration, our team has the experience and legal expertise for complex and difficult cases in court. either as arbitrators, counsel,  or as expert witness.


PS Consulting partners are also accredited trainers, running seminars, courses and workshops on Contracts and Contracts Management for Multilateral Development Banks, International Financing Institutions, FIDIC and private companies and firms.


As an international expert in the construction & infrastructure, energy and industrial markets, PS Consulting has a variety of affiliations and partnerships. Working together with key players within the industries allows the partners to provide their clients with the optimal industry knowledge and legal expertise.


PS Consulting is an internationally experienced firm with a wide variety of experience in the construction, infrastructure and industrial markets. As such, the partners have successfully guided, managed and developed the contractual aspects of many national and international projects.

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