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FIDIC 2017: The Contract Manager’s Handbook

FIDIC 2017: The Contract Manager’s Handbook

We are pleased to announce the publication by Geoffrey Smith of his new book: “FIDIC 2017: The Contract Manager’s Handbook”.

The book gives step-to-step guidance through the use of timelines, sample forms, example letters and case studies drawn from my 40 years’ experience, showing how to manage the contract effectively, and explaining exactly what is expected of each of the parties and when.

Key features of the book:
suitable for all levels – for experienced users the book highlights and explains developments introduced in the latest editions; and for new users the book presents a complete overview and step-to-step guide to using the contracts effectively;
clear explanations of contractual provisions behind the procedures and potentially important legal requirements;
coverage across the project lifecycle, emphasising the importance of the provisions during the pre-contract phase, and procedures for efficient contract management post-contract award;
a guide to the second editions of FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books, as well as special provisions imposed by the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks;
a chapter dedicated to the modifications introduced by the 2022 Reprints of the FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books.

FIDIC 2017: The Contract Manager’s Handbook

Geoffrey Smith
PS Consulting, France

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